Accounting and bookkeeping

Accredited by: ACCA-UK, CPA-CANADA, FTA-UAE, U.A.E., Georgia, Bahrain

Who we are?

We are qualified team of lawyers and advocates based in Georgia having years of experience in representing foreign national in different authorities, including justice house, state services development agencies and other instances of court.

We are accounting & Auditing experts offering all VAT & Accounting related services.

We assist foreign nationals to stay legally in Georgia for various purposes including Temporary Residency & Permanent Residency.

What we do?

We are Specialized in all Legal Services including accounting & auditing.

We also assist in drafting Legal documents such as Company setup, Registration of Company, Agreements, Accounting & Taxation, Audit Services, Lawyer Services, Temporary or Permanent Residency Card Applications submission, Business plans or legal translation.

Where we are located?

We are located at Kostawa 68, Tbilisi, Georgia

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