We are providing company audit service for any company registered in Georgia. 

  • External Audit
  • Internal Audit
  • Forensic Audit
  • Liquidation

External audit or financial audit is a statutory requirement and it has to be done by independent auditors. 

It is the responsibility of the auditor to provide reasonable assurance to the readers of the financial statement that the reports have been prepared as per the applicable financial reporting framework or the IFRS.

We will be performing your organization’s audit as per the International Standards on Auditing and within the ethical guidelines issued by IFAC. 

Why should you hire VFM Accounting & Bookkeeping?

Your worth as a company will be exhibited through the audited financial statements based on which people will want to do business with you or would be willing to provide loans to you.

VFM Accounting & Bookkeeping is providing accounting support for more than 25 clients in Trading, Construction and Real estate, Healthcare, Logistics and other services.

We have performed over 500 audits. Our certified team practices the code of ethics persistently and is known for its integrity, objectivity and professionalism.


Internal auditing is the evaluation of internal controls of the company, the risks involved in financial reporting and bookkeeping as well as data collection and regulatory compliance. An internal auditor reviews every aspect of the company from management’s ethics to effectiveness of strategies applied for operating activities in different departments.

An internal auditor is appointed by the auditing committee who then presents the reports prepared by the internal auditor to the board of directors (BOD). 

Where we are located?

Kostava 68, Tbilisi, Georgia

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